With construction on the Motocoaster completed, work has shifted to getting the ride operational for its opening due later this month. Work is moving forward at a steady pace to get the ride's mechanical aspects operational, as well as get the coaster's theming and the area's overall atmosphere completed.

The 600m ride from Swiss manufacturer Intamin AG will be the first motorcycle roller coaster in Australia, as well as the world's first to feature sidecar seating that will allow smaller riders to board and enjoy the ride with their family. Each of the coaster's two trains features two sidecar seats, located at the rear of the train.

Riders will be able to store their loose items in lockers, or utilise provided storage racks before they board. To allow for safe storage for the two trains

It will also be Intamin's second hydraulic-powered tyre launched roller coaster and the first in Australia. The technology is smaller and less sophisticated than Intamin's cable launch system, ideally suited to slower launches such as the Motocoaster's 72km/hr. To add to the ambience, the Motocoaster will utilise staging lights and racing sound effects on the launch, similar to those used on many launched roller coasters overseas, such as Cedar Point's record-breaking and similarly themed Top Thrill Dragster.

Roller-Coaster.com.au's latest look at the construction of the Motocoaster can be viewed here, with over 40 high-quality photographs from in and around the construction site.

The coaster is expected to open later this month, with the official opening date yet to be announced.