Whale Watch Kaikoura is a nature tourism company based on the East Coast of New Zealand's South Island. Founded in 1987, the company has built an international reputation as an operator of whale watching tours. They own the Australian-based operation Whale Watch Australia.

Sea World and Whale Watch Australia expect that this venture can help transform the Gold Coast into a world-class whale watching destination. They cite a desire to create a quality whale watching experience while managing the precious ocean environment and natural resource.

The first voyage is expected to depart in May 2008 in time for the start of the whale migration season.

A custom designed $3.4 million Queensland built vessel will carry over 100 passengers daily from Sea World during the annual Humpback Whale migration past the Gold Coast. It represents part of a $5 million commitment by Whale Watch Kaikoura for the venture.

Tours will not be included in regular Sea World admission.

Photograph © Whale Watch Kaikoura.