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Turbo Mountain
Turbo Mountain profile last updated on September 26 2006

Adventure World (update/edit)

Status: Operating
Opened: 1992
Previous Name: Geronimo
Previous Park: Luna Park
Operated From: 1982 to 1988

Construction: Steel
Ride Type: Family
Manufacturer: Schwarzkopf
Height: 12m 39.36ft
Length: 420m 1377.6ft
Speed: 57km/h 35.625mph


Each train has 1 car with 6 passengers per car, giving a total of 6 riders per train.

Park History
Originally located at Luna Park in Sydney.

Special Info
The original electric spiral lift was replaced with a regular chain hill when the ride was moved to Adventure World.

Under the previous system each train was equipped with electric motors which powered a rubber tyre which ran on a gripped steel track on the centre of the track. For the lift section there was a another electrified rail in the middle of the track to power this motor. This system proved to suffer from significant maintenance and operational issues and as such the system was replaced with a standard chain powered lift hill.

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Turbo Mountain Gallery
11 February 2005


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