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Eureka Mountain Mine Ride
Eureka Mountain Mine Ride profile last updated on May 2 2007

Dreamworld (update/edit)

Status: SBNO
Opened: 1986
Closed: November 7 2006

Construction: Steel
Ride Type: Wild Mouse
Manufacturer: HyFab
Ride Time: 1:10 mins


Each train has 1 car with 4 passengers per car, giving a total of 4 riders per train.

General Overview
Eureka Mountain Mine Ride is presently closed indefinitely. It is unknown if and when it will reopen.

Themed to a gold mine shaft in a mountain. After the trains reach the top of the lift hill, an animatronic miner holding a stick of dynamite explodes the mine starting the journey through the mine with hairpin turns and fast dips.

Park History
Currently closed indefinitely.

Special Info
This ride was designed with separate load and unload stations and able to simultaneously load and unload two cars at once. The system featured a load station in the same position that guests board today, with an unload station back around the 90 bend just after the ride's brake run.

In 2002 the park stopped using the separate unload station, instead unloading passengers in the second load area.

In 2004 the ride's control system was completely overhauled using more modern computer and PLC systems to control the ride's block system, and it is not known whether under this new system is able to load and unload passengers using the original two platforms.

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Inside Eureka Mountain
8 June 2007


»Great ride
1 Sep 2005 . I've always liked this ride and I think it's the best themed ride in Dreamworld.


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