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Superman Escape
Superman Escape profile last updated on July 13 2007

Warner Bros. Movie World (update/edit)

Status: Operating
Opened: December 26 2005
Cost: $16,000,000

Construction: Steel
Ride Type: Accelerator
Manufacturer: Intamin
Height: 40m 131.2ft
Drop Height: 40m 131.2ft
Length: 760m 2492.8ft
Speed: 100km/h 62.5mph
Forces: 4.2 g
Ride Time: 1:40 mins
Capacity: 820 pph


Each train has 5 cars with 4 passengers per car, giving a total of 20 riders per train.
There are 2 trains.

General Overview
Superman Escape takes riders on a themed adventure out of the Metropolis subway system through a range of hills, drops and turns.

The ride commences indoors, with a 0-100km/hr hydraulic launch shooting the train out into the open where the coaster section takes place.

Park History
This ride replaced the Movie Magic Special Effects show.

Special Info
Renowned roller coaster designer Werner Stengel's company Ing.-Büro Stengel GmbH is responsible for the ride's engineering.

Some fabrication of steel was done locally by a Nerang-based steel manufacturer.

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Construction Timeline

Superman Escape Gallery
19 January 2006


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What's that in the sky?
Warner Bros. Movie World

10 Feb 2008 . I've been to MW 3 times since this came out and I still almost pee myself every time haha. So good, just too short :o(

»Fast, Superman Fast
26 Oct 2007 . The best rollercoaster in australia that i've been on by a long shot.It may seem scary but once you ride you'll love it.Trust me because

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