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Lethal Weapon - The Ride
Lethal Weapon - The Ride profile last updated on September 3 2006

Warner Bros. Movie World (update/edit)

Status: Operating
Opened: December 26 1995
Cost: $16,000,000

Construction: Steel
Ride Type: Suspended Looping Coaster
Manufacturer: Vekoma
Height: 33.3m 109.224ft
Speed: 88km/h 55mph
Ride Time: 1.42 mins
Capacity: 1010 pph


Each train has 10 cars with 2 passengers per car, giving a total of 20 riders per train.
There are 2 trains.

Special Info
This ride was the first SLC to feature a helix (referred to as a "bayern kurve" by Vekoma) as the final element on the ride.

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Lethal Weapon Gallery
4 November 2004


»Fast and Fun
26 Oct 2007 . Fast, Scary and very very fun, a great ride definately worth doing if you haven't done it before.And on the matter of new Restraints I dont think that's true, Though the ride was a lot smoother.

»New Restraints
5 Oct 2007 . Hey i was just at WBMW and I am so glad to report that they have replaced the old seating for LW with a complete new set up. The new seats feature a better padded lining with a new restraint system with better wrist grip handles and LARGE padded neck restraints for those who normally suffer. I only rode it once because of ques but it didnt hurt at all.


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