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Nick Central: from the ground up
June 29 2005

Dreamworld - Nickelodeon Central
Photography by: Richard Wilson
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August 24, 2002: Early stages of construction are underway. At this point in time only the basic concept of Nickelodeon Central was known.
October 6, 2002: Coaster footings started to appear at the far side of the site, confirming a roller coaster for Nick Central.

This area was home to the Kennyland children's area.
Tower of Terror's entrance was relocated to make way for Nick Central.

Central Cafe remained closed for much of the construction period.
October 12, 2002: Paving of the Central Cafe area was completed early to allow the refurbished area to reopen prior to Nick Central.

Nearly all footings are now in place.
A footing awaiting placement can be seen to the left.

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