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Superman Escape Construction Update
September 13 2005

Warner Bros. Movie World - Superman Escape
Photography by: joz
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Construction has progressed further over the last week, with a second camel back going into place.
This new camel back ducks under the first larger one, which should create a tremendous "head-chopper" effect.

The second camel back twists, somewhat like an uninverted corkscrew, a tighter version of that seen on Goliath at Walibi World in Holland, another Intamin coaster.
Three major airtime points.

This ride dominates the skyline in the park.
After the second camel back it does a dive-turn to ground. This element is somewhat of a re-engineering of the traditional overbanked turn.

After the tunnel turn the ride twists up into the second camel back.
You can see where the track heads after the dive-turn will head, helixing upwards.

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