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Superman Escape Construction Update
September 17 2005

Warner Bros. Movie World - Superman Escape
Photography by: Richard Wilson
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The giant red arch of the ride's top hat towers over the entrance of the park.
Not long now until riders will be racing over this track.

All of Superman Escape's outdoor track is now complete.
The second camel back will create an airtime sensation followed by a unique twisting drop which will add to the feeling of speed.

The top hat does not go right to 90 - it is a few degrees shy.
The dive-turn is one of Superman Escape's unique elements. In the background you can see the track turns back up for one last crest before the brake run.

Seen from further back, the track levels out before diving to the ground - much like a double-dip though turning all the while.
It lines itself up with the turn after the top hat.

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