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Superman Escape Gallery
January 19 2006

Warner Bros. Movie World - Superman Escape
Photography by: joz
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Superan Escape opened at Warner Bros. Movie World on December 26, 2005.
The ride features a controversial zero-tolerance policy with loose items. Guests with items are forced to hire a locker to store belongings before being allowed to ride.

There is a new entranceway connecting the ride with Lethal Weapon which will hopefully help distribute guests more evenly through the park.
The ride's area is very open, allowing visitors to view the ride from many locations around the course of the ride.

Shade seems to be one thing lacking in the area.
Superman Escape's tunnel that comes just after the first camel back.

Being an Intamin coaster, the ride's smoothness cannot be questioned.
Heading into the second camel back.

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