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Batwing Spaceshot Gallery
January 28 2007

Warner Bros. Movie World - Batwing Spaceshot
Photography by: Daniel Harmer
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Batwing Spaceshot opened December 20 2006.
Built by Utah, USA company S&S Power, the ride is Warner Bros. Movie World's first major flat ride.

16 riders at a time board the carriage to be shot skyward at 64km/hr.
Before he carriage is weighed so that the ride's system delivers precisely the required launch force.

Unlike most previous rides at Movie World, Batwing Spaceshot features minimal theming and storyline, instead relying on raw thrills to deliver an exciting ride.
The thrill isn't over after the initial 2.4g launch. Upon reaching the top of the 60m tower, the carriage abruptly changes direction as the air-powered ride thrusts back down to earth. At this point riders are being accelerated towards the ground faster than gravity. What results is some of the most extreme airtime found on any ride.

The ride's 60m tower dwarfs even 2005's Superman Escape roller coaster at 40m. The ride is the tallest attraction in the park and the second tallest attraction at any Australian theme park.
The ride uses a patented pneumatic launch system that quietly propels the carriage at a breathtaking speed vertically.

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