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Wet'n'Wild Coaster construction update
February 22 2007

Wet'n'Wild Water World - Surfrider
Photography by: joz
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In a left-field move for Gold Coast water park Wet'n'Wild Water World, construction is in early stages for Australia's next roller coaster.
Intamin, who brought Australia rides like Superman Escape and Giant Drop, is the company responsible for this unique family roller coaster attraction.

The Surf Rider, popularly known as a Halfpipe coaster, rocks riders back and forth on a giant U-shaped track, while rotating the two eight-person rings.
This is the first non-water ride to be built at Wet'n'Wild since opening.

As well as being the first of its kind in Australia, it's also the first roller coaster in Australia to use a LIM-powered launch.
Wet'n'Wild's Surf Rider is one of two new roller coasters coming to the Gold Coast in 2007. Dreamworld is building also its own launched coaster due to open later in the year.

Stay tuned for more Wet'n'Wild updates as this ride goes vertical.

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