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Motocoaster Construction Update
July 31 2007

Dreamworld - Mick Doohan's Motocoaster
Photography by: Richard Wilson
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Construction this week has seen the station area go into place and much of the ride has gone vertical.
Trains will launch directly out of the station. The coaster will feature separate load and unload stations which will allow the coaster to achieve better efficiency.

A close look at the turn out of the station. As you can see it curves away from the direction of the turn. This is because modern coasters are designed around the rider's centre of gravity. While the train curves away, riders' upper torso will transition seamlessly into the turn.
Underneath the station will be the back of house area for maintenance etc.

The transfer track for adding and removing the second train is located between the two stations.

Walkways have been installed around the turn between the brake run and the station.
The final turn into the brake run. At only 600m the coaster is short but will maintain speed up until the end thanks to its low profile.

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