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Motocoaster Construction Update
August 7 2007

Dreamworld - Mick Doohan's Motocoaster
Photography by: Richard Wilson
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Over the past week, vertical construction of the Motocoaster has been completed.
The highest point is only 7m above the ground, allowing the coaster to maintain a fast speed throughout the course.

With 18 banked turns throughout the course and numerous abrupt direction changes, the feeling of speed will be heightened.
This time last week this first tun out of the launch was yet to be built.

Trees were left around the course to add to the visual appeal of the ride.
As discussed in last week's update, to maintain a consistent heart line point for riders for a smoother ride the curve from the straight into the first turn curves down and away from the turning direction at first.

Some of the turns are more flatly banked which will provide a different sensation through the curves with more lateral forces and less vertical.
One of the track crossovers which, coupled with the riders' free arms, is sure to create a unique head-chopper effect.

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