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Mick Doohan Motocoaster sneak preview
September 14 2007

Dreamworld - Mick Doohan's Motocoaster
Photography by: Richard Wilson
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A look at what will become the Motocoaster's queue switchback area. To enter the queue riders pass under the track.
The main entrance for riders will be along here. Out the front will be a demo bike for potential riders to see if they meet the requirements, as well as photo opportunities etc.

This ramp will allow wheelchair access and also facilitate parent swap. This area will also be covered for shade while guests queue.
The queue extends under the track. Along this area will be motorcycle theming elements as well as eight hall of fame spots to focus on different champion riders.

The track passes directly over the queue. Rainfall collected from the shaded area will be stored in nearby tanks for general use around the park.
The station is very open, containing the final stretch of the queue as well as the load and unload platforms. At this point the queue will split to allow riders to choose the sidecar seats etc.

Into the loading platform, the gates will automatically open once the train is in position, allowing riders to board.
Loose items can be stored in the provided rack area (at the rider's risk). The rack will rotate to allow safer storage simultaneously for up to three trainloads of passengers.

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