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Southern Star Construction Update September 2007
September 30 2007

Waterfront City - Southern Star Observation Wheel
Photography by: Gavin Seipelt
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By September 9th another major landmark in the project had been realised.
The central hub arrangement seen in the last update is now in place.

Back at ground level, a number of the 'spokes' for the wheel can be seen.
A closer look at the hub from another angle.

The structure is already imposing, even though it is still only just over half its final height.
Another look at the spokes. Eventually there will be seven of these in total on the wheel, making the wheel like a giant seven pointed star similar to the one on the Australian national flag.

By September 29th one of the spokes is in place. Seven of these will eventually be in place, giving an appearance similar to the seven pointed star on the Australian flag.

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