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Shark Bay Gallery
April 27 2004

Sea World - Shark Bay
Photography by: Richard Wilson
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Shark Bay opened to the public April 9 2004.
There are several different areas catering to different marine animals in Shark Bay. You can see the Inter-Tidal Zone at the front of this shot which flows into the Reef Lagoon. Beyond the bridge is the Shark Lagoon.

The Tide Pools gives guests a hands-on experience. In here are a variety of starfish and other harmless and slow-moving creatures.
The Shark Lagoon contains all the larger or dangerous sharks.

The Shark Lagoon contains a wide variety of different sharks and rays.
The bridge separating the two lagoons extends below the water level with large transparent acrylic panels. This gives snorklers and divers in the Reef Lagoon the ability to safely interact with the dangerous sharks.

The Reef Lagoon contains many corals, living and dead, to make it the most realistic environment for the animals that live there and the guests exploring the lagoon.
There are also underwater viewing areas where guests can see in the two lagoons easily without getting wet.

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