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Nickelodeon Central Gallery
March 14 2004

Dreamworld - Nickelodeon Central
Photography by: Richard Wilson
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Nickelodeon Central opened at Dreamworld December 26 2002.
The area was previously Kennyland, another childrens area, and Village Oval, which featured a few small flat rides.

Some of the rides weren't relocated, but just rethemed to fit in, such as Bumper Bowl.
Bumper Bowl became Rocket Power Bumper Beach

SpongeBob SquarePants Water Play is a water fountain play area.
Car-Toons are remote controlled cars which guests can pay to use.

This ride and mountain was formerly known as Avalanche, but was painted purple, rethemed and named Angry Beavers Spooty Spin for Nick Central.
Swinger Zinger has been around Dreamworld since the beginning, previously known as Zumer.

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