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Wipeout returns to Dreamworld theme park
Wipeout returns to Dreamworld theme park

Friday 8 August 2014 - Dreamworld
After a lengthy maintenance period which saw Wipeout almost completely disassembled and rebuilt, Dreamworld have reopened the iconic attraction and breathed much-needed life into an ageing flatride. Read On...

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The Edge at Eureka
The Edge at Eureka
General photographs of the Edge at Eureka Skydeck 88.
Friday 26 October 2007

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Superman Escape
Superman Escape
Warner Bros. Movie World

Open Date: December 26 2005
Height: 40m
Speed: 100km/hr
Length: 760m

User Opinions

Warner Bros. Movie World - Superman Escape
10 Feb 2008. I've been to MW 3 times since this came out and I still almost pee myself every time haha. So good, just too short :o(

Sea World - Sesame Street Beach
10 Feb 2008. Disappointing.. In fact terrible. When this was Cartoon Network beach it had so many characters from Powerpuff girls to classic Scooby Doo. The store had plenty of great stuff to buy, not just kid things but for adults too like Wacky Races tee's and keyrings. Now it's filled with Seasame Street ONLY, and kids under 6 are the only ones who'll benefit. No good Seaworld.

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Construction Watch

Sesame Street Beach
Southern Star Construction Update October 2007
Photographs tracing construction work on the Southern Star Observation Wheel through October 2007.
Thursday 1 November 2007

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