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WhiteWater World


View our aerial view of WhiteWater World

Dreamworld Parkway
Coomera, 4209
Gold Coast, Queensland

Status: Operating
Open Date: 08 December 2006

[email protected]/
Phone: +61 7 5588 1111
Fax: +61 7 5588 1110

Sum Attraction Expense*: $1,400,000
Average Yearly Expense*: $127,273

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General Overview

WhiteWater World is the partner park to adjacent Dreamworld. It is the first new park on the Gold Coast in over 15 years.

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Construction Timeline

WhiteWater World Construction Update
20 August 2007


WhiteWater World prepares for expansion WhiteWater World
WhiteWater World performs above expectations WhiteWater World
WhiteWater World on the final straight WhiteWater World on the
New water park brings slide innovation New water park brings


Little Rippers
2 Oct 2007 . I enjoyed The Rip far more than these rides. They were kinda fun, but they're only a cut above the other ToH slides. A nice addition, only one side was running during my visit. Don't wait more than 10-15 minutes, or you'll be utterly disappointed.

»NOT too soon
Little Rippers
5 Sep 2007 . I think this is a much needed, albeit small expansion. The park was very small to begin with which is why this is necessary so soon. Particularly considering the constantly expanding Wet 'n' Wild just up the road

Macquarie Lesiure to

WhiteWater World Coasters

Coaster Name Date

WhiteWater World Rides & Attractions

Attraction Name Date
Little Rippers 2007
The Green Room 2006
Cave of Waves 2006
The Temple of Huey (Screamin Right Handers) 2006
The Temple of Huey (Broken Headz) 2006
The Temple of Huey (Cut Snake) 2006
Blue Ringed Octopus 2006
The Rip 2006
Super Tubes Hydrocoaster 2006
Wiggle Bay 2006
Nickelodeon's Pipeline Plunge 2006

*These figures only include attractions for which we have a verifiable cost for.