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Sea World�s Ski Challenge � Australia�s hottest show on water January 1 2001

Sea World - Waterski Wipeout

Sea World crowds have been captivated by Ski Challenge � Australia�s hottest, action-packed, stunt filled, ski extravaganza.

The Show is a spectacular challenge with two opposing ski teams carrying out daring feats including an air chair assault, barefoot drags and wake boarding to gain points from a judging panel and become overall winners!

Spectators, who are also divided into teams, are at the edge of their seats while wake boarders carry out a range of innovative and complicated aerial maneuvers utilising specially designed rails located around the lake.

As part of the challenge, the teams carry out individual and group freestyle ski jumping performing high speed manoeuvers guaranteed to excite the crowd.

The audience�s response influences the judging panel, and colourful cheer squad girls encourage spectators to barrack for their favourite team.

Sea World has invited a number of the world�s best international skiers to participate in Ski Challenge and many of the team have won national and world titles in individual disciplines such as wakeboarding, freestyle skiing and barefoot.

Sea World�s water ski spectacular has now been running for 41 years since its origins at the Carrara Ski gardens in 1958. The ski show was moved to the Spit in 1971 when Sea World officially opened, and since then, the world-renowned display of speed, skill and agility has gone on to become Australia�s longest running live show.