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Wonderland Sydney Responds to Rumours May 3 2002

Wonderland Sydney

Wonderland Sydney categorically denies false and misleading allegations after the recent rumours regarding Wonderland Sydney's closure due to the cost of rising insurance premiums. In recent months Wonderland Sydney performed far better than forecast with record attendance figures achieved.

Much of Wonderland Sydney's success over the past few years can certainly be traced to the management of the Chief Executive Officer and Director Mr Stephen Galbraith and his team.

"We appreciate the concerns regarding public liability premium increases however Wonderland Sydney is managing this well.

"We are disappointed in the misleading allegations and rumours as it effects the moral of staff and our relationship with business clients," said Mr Galbraith.

"After the events of S11 and Ansett Collapse, Wonderland Sydney recorded the most successful October school holiday period in 5 years with 20% higher than 2000 figures."

Wonderland Sydney prides itself as the only theme park in New South Wales and the largest theme park in the Southern Hemisphere. In its 17th year of established operation it still continues to be the number one institution for ultimate family value unrivalled in NSW. Wonderland Sydney is more than a themed amusement park, it is Australia's national entertainment centre.

Wonderland Sydney's continues to develop many future plans, the most recent being the approved development of the Wonderland Business Park. The Wonderland Business Park has the potential to create 5000 new jobs for Western Sydney.

Wonderland Sydney continues to strive for entertainment excellence and reiterates no truth in industry rumours.