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The Claw is Tearing Into Dreamworld July 22 2004

Dreamworld - The Claw

A giant Claw is getting pulses pumping at Dreamworld!

The ultimate thrill ride has slashed its way to the Southern Hemisphere and will soon take its place as the most terrifying talon in the world.

It�s like nothing you�ve ever experienced before! This September, prepare yourself for the most powerful pendulum on the planet and get ready for the ride of your life!

Dare to dice with 240 degrees and feel the fear of the ten to two o�clock swing.

There�s no escape as the floor withdraws, now you�re in the merciless clutches of The Claw.

Propelled 9 stories high, swinging up to 64km per hour and spinning 360 degrees you�ll experience insane gravity hang time as you perch perilously close to the edge.

Up to 90 seconds of free falling fear and Gyro Swing scare, The Claw is ripping up the records as
the ultimate rush of pure adrenalin.

It�s the first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere and the most menacing of its kind ever built; hold on tight for Dreamworld�s newest fingernail-biting, spine-tingling, knee-knocking nightmare� The Claw.