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Sea World�s Dolphin Cove December 1 1996

Sea World - Dolphin Cove

At Sea World, there's a great place to make contact with the amazing world of dolphins.

Dolphin Cove features the largest filtered natural sandy bottom lagoons ever built for dolphins. The five pools contain more than 17 million litres of water and the attraction includes a 2500 seat undercover viewing area.

Each lagoon has been meticulously designed as a natural ecosystem, teeming with fish and other sea life, with extensive reefs and rocky outcrops all set amongst lush, tropical surroundings.

Months of comprehensive work went into the design of the world's most advanced life support systems, incorporating filtration and ozone treatment to maintain pristine quality in the saltwater environment without harming the fish life or eco-system.

The addition of the 2500-seat undercover viewing area also provides comfortable, shady conditions for guests to enjoy displays and presentations. Design features will allow the area to be further expanded to cater for increased visitor numbers to Sea World in the future.

The new habitat provides a captivating stage for dolphin displays and presentations as well as the enhancing of the educational elements which have come to be an integral part of Sea World's special brand of entertainment.