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The Sharks have surfaced at Sea World! April 4 2004

Sea World - Shark Bay

Shark Bay is the world�s biggest lagoon system for sharks and houses some of the most dangerous of the species in an innovative exhibit.

In a massive capital investment by the theme park�s owners, Village Roadshow and Warner Bros., the $13 million dollar Shark Bay, is set to further enhance the Gold Coast�s position as Australia�s family entertainment capital, by offering an experience unlike any other in the world.

History reflects a turbulent relationship between man and sharks - one of the world�s most feared predators. Sharks are an apex predator and play a vital role in ensuring the balance of the ocean�s eco-system. Shark Bay reveals a new dimension of understanding and unravels the mystery and misconception surrounding this majestic marine species. It also plays a major role in contributing to the understanding and appreciation of the Shark.

Complementing this very important educational role is the exhibit�s use as a facility to undertake non-invasive, observational research, which will ultimately assist with the preservation of sharks in the world�s oceans.

Warner Village Theme Parks CEO, John Menzies announced Optus would be a major partner of Sea World and the presenting sponsor of Shark Bay. Optus has shown commitment to the community though their involvement in Shark Bay, and we are delighted to have them as our partner.

�The theme parks are ultimately the businesses which stimulate the holiday market with exciting attractions and extensive marketing. The whole Coast benefits, from accommodation to restaurants and transport.�

The two-level exhibit provides spectacular viewing for guests both above-water as well as underwater through three 10 x 3 metre windows.

Shark Bay comprises three main zones all allowing for unsurpassed viewing and interaction.

Inter-tidal Zone

As you enter Shark Bay you are given the opportunity to interact with some of the inhabitants at the specially designed touch pools.

For $25 children can take part in a Rock Pool Adventure where they experience a shallow water encounter with the Shark Bay tidal pool inhabitants including clown fish, anemones, rays and sea stars. This program also includes an educational talk on the animals and their environment. The Shark Bay Rock Pool Adventure has been designed for guests up to 10 years of age inclusive with a minimum height requirement of 110cm.

Reef Lagoon

This feature lagoon is a reef-themed environment, housing some of the smaller shark species such as Leopard sharks, Blacktip Reef sharks, Nervous sharks, Epaulette sharks, together with Shovelnose rays, Cowtail ray, Maori Wrasse, Red Emperor, and a large variety of colourful reef fish and dwellers.

Here you are able to scuba dive and snorkel amongst the sharks as part of a new set of dynamic interactive programs. Snorkellers and divers also have the ability to learn about these magnificent marine animals as they make their way around the lagoon through an innovative underwater education signage trail.

A unique feature of the interactive programs is that the Reef Lagoon is divided from the Shark Lagoon by two 10 x 3 metre acrylic windows, giving participants the feeling that they are swimming with the bigger sharks who are only centimetres away.

Prices for the programs are Shark Snorkel $50 and Shark Scuba $85. All participants need to meet program criteria, and those wishing to scuba dive also need to hold a current dive certificate.

For detailed information, including program criteria, for any of the Shark Bay interactive programs visit the website

Shark Lagoon

The more sizable lagoon at Shark Bay houses the larger and potentially dangerous species including magnificent Tiger sharks.

The notable feature of this larger lagoon is that it provides the sharks with the space to perform a 60 metre-long swim glide pattern, which is essential for larger sharks who use the glide movement to rest, and who have historically been difficult to house in smaller exhibits because of the tighter spaces.

The whole exhibit would not be possible without the expertise in water filtration that Sea World has developed over its 30-year history.

The filtration system combines four filtration techniques used in the park � mechanical, biological, chemical and UV technology.

The total water content of Shark Bay is 5.4 million litres which is turned over every 90 minutes. That�s the equivalent to 1,000 one litre milk bottles being filtered every second.

Shark Bay is proudly presented by Optus.