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Sea World Opens Doors to Dugong Discovery November 8 2004

Sea World - Dugong Discovery

This Christmas Sea World will open a new and innovative marine animal exhibit presenting the plight of the placid and endearing dugong.

Dugong Discovery will be filled with fun interactive elements and will feature a naturalistic oceanarium replicating Moreton Bay that will house �PIG�, Sea World�s resident dugong, turtles, stingrays, fish and other marine life found in South East Queensland waters.

Dugong Discovery will take you and your family on an emotive and educational journey into the world of the dugong, a beautiful marine creature whose numbers are declining at a rapid rate.

The spectacular new exhibit will tell �PIG�s� compelling story, aiming to raise public interest and promote conservation of this critically endangered species.

For the first time ever, Sea World guests will be able to see �PIG� up close and personal through the large 11 metre x 2.4 metre underwater viewing window of the oceanarium.

Sea World Director of Marine Sciences, Trevor Long says, �Dugong Discovery will have an indigenous theme and will include a fun interactive learning centre for children aged 4 � 14 years, so they can better understand these unique and amazing creatures.�

�Dugong Discovery will help us educate the public on various human behaviours that affect dugong populations such as responsible boating practices and appropriate discard of litter�.

�PIG� will continue to play a vital role in dugong research allowing for a greater understanding of dugong growth rates, patterns and hand-raising techniques for stranded animals, which will ultimately benefit conservation of the species as a whole.