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Wet'n'Wild Water World is about to get even bigger and better! August 16 2005

Wet'n'Wild Water World

Wet�n�Wild Water World has announced details on its massive $20 million expansion with new attraction installments launching September and Christmas 2005 and continuing into 2006.

Once complete nothing will compete with the world class, innovative and unique attractions Wet�n�Wild Water World will have to offer locals and visitors to the Gold Coast.

This capital injection at Wet�n�Wild Water World reinforces the strength and commitment the Warner Village Theme Parks group has to providing the best and highest quality theme park experiences in Australia.

�The park�s popularity has sky-rocketed over the past few years due to its reputation as one of the best water parks in the world and we�re committed to holding this position by continuing to introduce new and exciting attractions,� said John Menzies, Warner Village Theme Parks� Chief Executive Officer.

Wet�n�Wild Water World�s massive $20 million expansion will not only provide guests with numerous and diverse new aquatic experiences but will also substantially increase the capacity of the park, in-line with its ever-growing popularity.

Wet�n�Wild Water World is already recognised as one of the best water parks in the world, and with the commitment of the park�s owners to continue developing this first-class facility, it will undoubtedly retain this accolade for many years to come.

AHOY M�Hearties! The all-new Buccaneer Bay opening September 2005

Little buccaneers will soon be able to set sail for their very own aquatic adventure playground full of fun and fantasy at the all-new Buccaneer Bay, opening Saturday 17 September.

The massive new children�s attraction will incorporate the existing Buccaneer Bay and surrounding area, turning the space into the ultimate kids� zone full of colour and cool interactive elements.

The multi-level attraction will have an elaborate pirate theme taking children into an imaginative and exciting world offering hours of entertainment. The all-new Buccaneer Bay will appeal to children under ten with specially designed zones for individual age groups, providing fun activity for all.

The focal point of the attraction will be a giant tipping bucket mounted at the top of the structure that will frequently spill litres of water onto the eagerly awaiting children below.

There will also be exciting purpose built children�s slides within the all-new Buccaneer Bay completing the water park experience for the under tens at the ultimate kids� zone.

The ultimate adrenaline rush is coming this Christmas at �Extreme H2O Zone�

Christmas 2005 will see the introduction of an enormous new thrill slide area that is sure to get pulses racing. �Extreme H2O Zone� will feature gigantic, king-sized slides offering adrenaline junkies the ultimate extreme aquatic experience.

Located behind Calypso Beach, the dramatic new �Extreme H2O Zone� when first launched will showcase seven oversized thrill slides, like nothing ever seen before in Australia.

The Mach V attraction will house the Park�s two longest rides that will have guests sliding through 160 metres of twists and turns in open air flumes. It will also incorporate three adrenaline pumping high speed body slides � definitely not for the faint hearted!

Blackout as the name suggests, will feature two enclosed slides that will catapult riders into pitch black spirals of darkness. You won�t know which way you�re turning next and you won�t see a thing until you hit the final splashdown!

And it just gets wilder in 2006 with Tornado

And Wet�n�Wild Water World�s expansion plans won�t stop there. 2006 will be just as exciting with the opening of another giant slide at �Extreme H2O Zone�, aptly named Tornado.

Riders will begin their wild journey on this unique super-slide 25 metres in the air blasting down a 40 metre long tunnel into the middle of a storm. Here they�ll spin around the Tornado�s funnel in a four person tube splashing back and forth through the menacing, swirling water. The exciting experience will culminate as riders are sent hurtling through the eye of the storm to the calm waters below.