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Amusement Park Is Serious Business In Hong Kong September 13 2005

Hong Kong: Queensland companies have the expertise to take a leading role in the A$900 million revamp of Hong Kong's massive Ocean Park tourist attraction, Premier Peter Beattie told Hong Kong's new CEO, Donald Tsang, today (Tuesday).

"Ocean Park is owned by the Hong Kong Government and there are plans for a major change of emphasis to enable it to compete with the newly-opened Disneyland," said Mr Beattie.

"My meeting with Mr Tsang was an ideal opportunity to advertise the expertise of Queensland companies.

"I told him how our companies have a proven track record in areas such as stadium design, improvements to mass transit systems, development of proposals for new hotels, re-building Ocean Park's cable car system, upgrading facilities at the veterinary hospital and environmental support for the project, including landscaping.

"Ocean Park announced a major redevelopment plan in March to transform the 28-year-old amusement, entertainment and educational facility into a world-class, marine-themed attraction.

"I held talks with the former Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region of the People's Republic of China, Tung Chee-hwa, during trade missions in 1998 and 2002.

"While I was in Hong Kong on Treasury matters today it was important to meet Mr Tsang to congratulate him on his appointment, which took effect on June 21, and establish a relationship with the man who leads one of our major trading partners.

"Queensland has a strong trading relationship with Hong Kong and we are taking steps to strengthen that relationship in areas where we have the goods, services or skills that they need," Mr Beattie said.

The Queensland Premier and Treasurer will be overseas for 10-days, on the annual Queensland Treasury Corporation trip, involving top level meetings and functions with investment banks and institutional investors from around the world.