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Movie World to Launch Unprecedented Thrill Ride Action! December 22 2005

Warner Bros. Movie World - Superman Escape

Go Superman fast at Warner Bros. Movie World on the Gold Coast!

Sky surfers travel 0 � 100kms in 5 seconds and snow skiers travel 0 � 100kms in 7 seconds� imagine if you could travel 0 � 100km in just 2 seconds� well, from December 26 you can on Australia�s only catapult rollercoaster at Warner Bros. Movie World - the awesome new Superman Escape which travels 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in just 2 seconds! That�s not fast � that�s Superman fast!

With 760 metres of vertical climbs, weightless drops, head spinning twists and giant G-force turns � Superman Escape completely redefines the coaster experience.

The exciting pre-show adventure will be an attraction in itself, themed around the world�s most popular Super Hero from DC Comics. Guests will commence their adventure in a Metropolis subway loading dock. As they travel through the subway, a terrifying earthquake takes hold and threatens their safe passage.

To escape the catastrophe, Superman rescues guests by propelling their carriage out then vertically upwards at 100km per hour! What follows is an exhilarating and hair raising rollercoaster ride experience like no other on the planet�

This $16 million unprecedented thrill ride will complement the already exceptional stable of movie based attractions enhanced by specialised themes � a unique trait for which Warner Bros. Movie World is world renowned, and a distinguishing feature popular with guests of all ages.

On announcing the new Superman Escape attraction, Chief Executive Officer of Warner Village Theme Parks, Mr John Menzies said that this ride experience boasts the latest and most exciting ride technology in the world.

�I have travelled to many theme parks around the world and believe that Superman Escape will prove an unbelievable ride experience like no other! The hydraulic catapult launch system coupled with the vertical ascent and vertical descent takes this ride to the next level. The speed and smoothness will be something that everyone will be talking about. The attraction is positioned just inside the park�s front entrance and visitors will be amazed to see Superman pushing the train at high speed above them.

�At 40 metres high the track can also be seen clearly from the major highway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast... so visually it really is quite astounding.

�While other theme parks simply purchase rides, Warner Bros. Movie World really adds to the experience by immersing the rider in a themed story which enhances the exciting ride sensations like no other,� Mr Menzies said.

Superman Escape is part of an overall $65 million expansion plan undertaken by Warner Village Theme Parks, which will confirm the Group�s position as the leaders in premier theme park entertainment in Australia.

�The scope of this expansion program is unprecedented in the history of the Warner Village Theme Park Group. We are expanding our horizons considerably in an effort to provide the ultimate entertainment experiences for people of all ages and anything we introduce is unlike anything found anywhere else in the world,� Mr Menzies said.

Superman Escape has been specifically chosen to broaden Warner Bros. Movie World�s appeal to the tween/teen market as a complement to existing thrill rides Lethal Weapon, the Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster and Wild West Falls.

Experience the ultimate rush and GO SUPERMAN FAST THIS SUMMER � 0 to 100 in 2 seconds. Superman Escape - opening December 26 only at Warner Bros. Movie World.