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See the all-new Waterski Wipeout Show! January 25 2006

Sea World - Waterski Wipeout

Step back in time into the 1960s at Sea World�s new Waterski WipeOut, an energetic show set in the �Golden Era� of Surfers Paradise.

Waterski WipeOut is full of catchy tunes, colourful costumes and sets, slapstick humour and a very cool cast of characters, all themed in true 1960s style.

The fun packed presentation showcases the world-class talent of the Sea World Ski Team and includes impressive barefoot, doubles and slalom skiing, wakeboarding, the awesome swivel ski, spectacular freestyle jumps as well as the iconic multi-level pyramid and aqua ballet.

The 60s scene is set on the beach with a traditional changing pavilion, boardwalk, milk bar and Surf Lifesaving Club.

The props are also fitting of the era with a 1961 EK Holden convertible and a fancy Cadillac. There are bikini clad meter-maids, rival 60s gangs, a hot-headed developer and heaps of flirtatious fun and laughs!

Sea World�s ski show is the longest running live show in Australia and boasts an impressive team of internationally acclaimed skiers and wakeboarders.

The new Waterski WipeOut was written and choreographed by Ignatious Jones, the creative genius behind the Sydney 2000 Olympics opening ceremony, in conjunction with Sea World�s Ski Show Director and the Show & Entertainment Team.

Sea World is proud to continue their relationship with Honda Marine, the official presenting sponsor of Waterski WipeOut. Honda Marine�s enhanced flagship outboard motor, the BF225, will be used on all ski boats presented within the new show.