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The FlowRider Hits Dreamworld May 18 2006

Dreamworld - FlowRider

Dreamworld is riding the crest of imagination to the perfect wave introducing a brand new, unrivalled, aquatic experience never before seen in Australia.

Born from the roots of surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and body boarding, the FlowRider is set to take the nation by storm.

With 27 installations worldwide and a global visitor count of over fifteen million per year, Dreamworld is bringing the ultimate fusion of board sports down under.

Don�t dwell on a lack of swell because the surf�s up at Dreamworld, now the only place guaranteed to give you a decent wave all year round.

Opening June 2006, FlowRider will provide a controlled environment where the water is warm and the waves are on tap.

FlowRider generates a thin sheet of rushing water that flows over a stationary form allowing riders to drop in on their own unbroken wave, slide down, carve a turn, cut back and ride up the padded surface.

Pro surfers, skaters and snowboarders from around the world are flocking to FlowRider, pushing the limits and trying to figure out new ways to ride the wave.

But you don�t have to be a pro to be in the know, regardless of age and skill, everybody can now experience the rush of riding a wave.

This unique and interactive experience combines thrills and skills for the whole family providing a safe platform for novices and a challenging stage for competitive board riding enthusiasts to show off their skills.

The flexible, trampoline-like base is designed to handle any wipeout meaning you can go hard form the word go.

Dreamworld will build a multi-million dollar, high energy, recreational zone to house the Australian first complete with merchandise shop, food outlet and a hip bar to chill out and take in the action.

Dreamworld�s surfing CEO, Stephen Gregg said the FlowRider is the very latest in a collection of innovative rides and attractions introduced at Dreamworld and is just a taste of things to come.

�The addition is part of a new generation of attractions bringing brand new experiences to life and is set to capture the youth culture like never before.�

Mr Gregg said the FlowRider will create Australia�s first self contained, flexible and safe surfing environment for families to try a brand new sport on a perfect perpetual wave.
The iconic landmark is set to find a cult following on the coast where the more you do it, the more you love it.

�And the better you get at it, so every time you ride, you can improve your skill, perform for the crowd and maybe even realise a dream.�

FlowRider is both an interactive skill ride and an exhilarating surf show where spectators can enjoy watching as much as participants enjoy riding.

�In the future, our goal is to offer �Flowboarding� competitions that showcase the awesome skills of some of the top board sports professionals in the world.�

�The attraction will provide a wonderful new venue at Dreamworld complete with awesome theming and lighting to create unique, world class events after dark,� Mr Gregg said.

To ensure everyone has the opportunity to have a go, 15 people can rotate in a thirty minute FlowRider session for just $5 per person. After hours access, eventing and FlowRider competitions will be introduced at Dreamworld in the near future.

The wave is heated and will be accessible all year round so be one of the first to experience the FlowRider at Dreamworld and get ready to get wet.