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Sea World Brings the Reef to the Gold Coast April 1 2001

Sea World - Reef Discovery

The splendor and colour of the Reef environment can now be experienced on the Gold Coast with the launch of Reef Discovery, a dynamic new presentation in Sea World�s popular Oceanarium attraction.

Reef Discovery, which replaces the Shark Encounter feature, will offer guests a unique insight into the wonders of the Reef environment, drawing on examples from the Great Barrier Reef and incorporating stunning visual effects and a host of colourful new marine life.

A highlight of the attraction is the high educational value about the reef environment itself, the many varieties of life it houses as well as issues about its preservation.

Chief Operating Officer, Steve Peet, said the new exhibit features a strong message on conservation and education while still delivering a highly entertaining experience, and believes Reef Discovery will prove particularly popular with guests from international markets, who may not have the time or means to embark on a real reef adventure.

�Sea World has attempted to capture the beauty and magnificence of the coral reef, in order to educate and inspire�, he said.

The main emphasis of the new program focuses heavily on the living coral - the Reef�s major infrastructure. Marine Sciences Manager, Trevor Long, said the introduction of certain special effects gives audiences the feeling of being under the ocean and, for many people, the closest possible experience of a living reef environment.

�The idea of the exhibit was to create a realistic reef environment which could deliver an entire sense of the wonders of the reef in just 15 minutes�, he said. �We have achieved this through the utlisation of movie effects and lighting, as well as the creative use of mechanical facilities�.

Reef Discovery is a two-part presentation which takes place in a theatre environment. Audiences are given an overview of the Reef through a 2-minute visual presentation, then offered a stunning visual presentation of an undersea environment on a coral reef.