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Surf Your Way to Cartoon Network Cartoon Beach December 1 1999

Sea World - Sesame Street Beach

The irresistible champion of all things cartoony is now at Sea World!

Cartoon Network Cartoon Beach, is an exciting, colourful and interactive adventure playground and is the vacation spot for the globe�s top toon stars, where kids of all ages can hang out with Cow and Chicken, Dexter and Dee Dee, The Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo and Tom and Jerry.

Situated on Sea World�s ski lake, Cartoon Network Cartoon Beach incorporates four exciting children�s rides and a variety of uniquely themed structures, shops and interactive displays.

Two new attractions within the area are specifically designed to accommodate parents riding with their children to reassure even the tiniest passenger! Woody�s Beachtrucks is such an adventure, where riders cruise the highways in a miniature replica beachtruck convoy. These rough and ready trucks travel on an action packed 40 metre journey with straights and bends to challenge even the toughest rider.

The fun continues as kids pull themselves to the top of the nine metre Toon Point Lighthouse to catch a bird�s eye view of Sea World, and then free fall to the ground at a rate of one metre per second! Little pilots are also at the wheel of the �Airborne Barrel Brigade� � four mini barrels each with an individual lifting handle to blast passengers into the skies.

Kids can also take part in their own emergency rescue with the �Air-See Rescue� choppers featuring six minature helicopters that rotate around, and up and down. Then, to cool off, they can splash around in Dexter�s Time Machine, a dancing fountain full of watery surprises!

Beach Eats, a themed eatery will offer a range of cartoony snacks for the whole family and favourite toon stars merchandise will be available from the Beach House Bungalow.

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