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Tornado profile last updated on September 18 2006

Wet'n'Wild Water World (update/edit)

Status: Operating
Opened: September 16 2006
Ride Type: Tube Slide
Manufacturer: ProSlide
Height: 15m 49.2ft
Speed: 40km/h 25mph

General Overview
Funnel Raft Slide


Coaster Name Date
Surfrider 2007

 Rides & Attractions

Attraction Name Date
Jet Streams 2006
Sidewinders 2006
Blackhole 2006
Tornado 2006
Buccaneer Bay 2005
Whirlpool 2002
Mammoth River 2000
Calypso Beach 1999
Super 8 Aqua Racer 1997
Giant Wave Pool 1986
Speed Coaster
Terror Canyon and Terror Canyon II
Defunct Rides & Attractions
Double Screamer 2005
Mammoth Plunge 2000 - 2005
White Water Mountain 2007

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Tornado prepares to take riders by storm Tornado prepares to take

»It was worth the wait
25 Oct 2007 . The line went for ages but it was worth it! You finaly reach the top and i was dry at the time but then when you reach the end your soaked!

The only bad thing was carrying the raft up the stairs. Very Tiring.

»Tornado blew me away
22 Sep 2006 . The Line for tornado looked huge but it moved very fast. It was scary watching it while lining up. But the slide was fantastic. Now I know why they say this is the best waterslide ever!

Weather Warning: A