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Movie Magic Special Effects Show

Warner Bros. Movie World (update/edit)

Status: Operated
Opened: June 3 1991
Closed: January 30 2005

Ride Type: Special Effects
Manufacturer: Warner Bros. Movie World

General Overview
In this ride, guests are taken through a "working" sound stage where they get some insight into the world of film production. Members from the audience are selected to partake in several scenes, from a variety of dated Warner Bros. films.

Park History
Removed to make way for a Superman coaster.

Originally this was just a component of a larger studio tour, where guests would be taken through the working studios next door to the theme park, and often get the opportunity to see a film or television show in production.

The tour was removed because of an apparent problem with guests leaving the vehicles during the tour.


Coaster Name Date
Superman Escape 2005
Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster 2002
Road Runner Rollercoaster 2000
Lethal Weapon - The Ride 1995

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»Dated technology
6 Sep 2005 . The first time I went through this attracton I was really impressed (I loved the studio tour). After the second and third time the attraction became rather uninteresting and the technology they use is now pretty dated. I'm looking forward to Superman opening!