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Construction Timeline

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22 Oct 2005

Mammoth Plunge is being replaced with a mirror clone of Mammoth Falls.

The reason for this upgrade is to increase capacity on the ride.

Supports waiting for installation.

Some interesting supports have had to be installed as the ride extends over the back-of-house area.

The new attraction is expected open by Christmas. In the meantime the other side does still operate.

Mammoth Plunge is in the process of being installed at Sea World.

There is still a fair way to go with the construction.

Groundwork is underway on H2O Zone.

As you can see it will be a particularly large area.

Some footings are already in place. H2O Zone opens this Christmas.

25 Nov 2005

Work is nearly completed on the Mammoth Falls project.

H2O Zone is also coming along nicely.

14 Dec 2005

Both sides of Mammoth Falls are now in operation.

This ride now has a capacity of 1,500 people per hour which will make a big difference to the park's capacity.

Both sides are now a mirror image.

Work is well underway on one of the huge new towers that make up H2O Zone.

Black Hole and next year's Tornado slides are yet to be built. In the foreground you can see the stable areas for Australian Outback Spectacular.

22 Jan 2006

At this stage construction was very nearly completed on the first tower of Extreme H2O Zone.

These slides were brought over from the since-defunct Wet'n'Wild in Brazil.

There are two tube slides, two speed slides and one freefall slide.

The new area is said to increase the park's capacity by 50%.

Extreme H2O Zone opened January 21.

Still to open though is the Black Hole tube slide and later in 2006 is Tornado.

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