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In order to remain the most comphrehensive and up-to-date theme park information source, allows users to contribute new content and modify existing content. All content is screened prior to publishing for accuracy and quality to ensure that features only the best.

For speedy inclusion, please ensure that submissions adhere to the high standards that expects in terms of professionalism, spelling, punctuation and grammar. Submissions not meeting our standards may not be published.

Full credit is always given for all contributions, on the page which the content appears and the Credits page.

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To add content to the Park & Ride Database use the relevant links below. does not add a new entry for relocated coasters, rides or attractions. Historic details such as these are included in the single profile.

Note: Database currently only features fixed parks and attractions. At this stage travelling rides and showgrounds are generally not included in the database.

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To modify existing parks, coasters, rides and attractions, you must browse to the relevant profile in the Park & Ride Database and click the update link located at the bottom of each profile page.

Add News Articles prides itself in having the most comprehensive and up-to-date news coverage of Australian theme parks. You can contribute a news article to to keep the front page as up-to-date and accurate as possible.

Press releases should be submitted as they are provided by the park.

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Due to size and quality constraints we can't offer online upload features to contribute photos or video footage, though we gladly accept any media you may have. Please use the Contact Us page for further details about contributing. Be sure to tell us what the content is you want to submit.

Photographs should be high resolution, preferably unedited in their most uncompressed format. We only want high quality photographs (unless the photographs are particularly groundbreaking or have historic value) and it's about quality, not quantity.

Video footage should be edited. Typically we will ask for a medium-sized file (30mb) to judge the quality of the video. In many cases we may enquire about receiving a full-resolution version.

The copyright of any photographs or video footage submitted remains the property of the original creator. asks in return for exclusive online distribution rights. No content submitted will be used for anything without the express written permission of the owner.