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Motorbike Coaster Construction Update
July 2 2007

Dreamworld - Mick Doohan's Motocoaster
Photography by: Richard Wilson
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Construction is underway on Dreamworld's latest roller coaster with track building up on the site.
Unique for Intamin roller coasters of this size, Dreamworld's motorbike coaster will feature Intamin's lightest gauge of track.

The light "two rail" track suggests the coaster will have light trains without large g-forces.
The coaster's track is yellow, making it the third coaster at Dreamworld with yellow track, after Cyclone and Rugrats Runaway Reptar.

All track is being stored on the western side of Tower of Terror's launch track while construction for the ride takes place on the other side.
Some of the transfer track sections, suggesting two-train operation on this coaster.

Some of the twisted track that'll make up heavily banked turns and hills across the course of the roller coaster.
As you can expect from a ride designed to mimic a motorcycle, it'll be a largely low-profile ride without large hills.

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