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Movie Mania: battle of the movie parks
November 13 2004

Warner Bros. Movie World
Photography by: Richard Wilson
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This arch is not a main feature in the park. As a result it is perhaps the smallest and least impressive of the four.
This arch, unlike the others is not open for guests to walk through.

In my opinion the Universal Studios Orlando is the most impressive archway of them all.
Warner Bros. Movie World's archway is the shortest yet widest of the four.

Disney-MGM Studios' colossal launched coaster, Rock 'n Rollercoaster Aerosmith wins this category with unparalleled thrills and smoothness.
Men in Black at the Orlando Universal Studios is an amazing "shoot-em-up" dark ride with fantastic theming throughout and a well-thought storyline.

Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster is the smallest of the four dark rides, but for its size and its budget it is nearly unbeaten.
Disney-MGM Studios' far more art deco encarnation of the "Golden Age Hollywood" area. I think it stands out as the best of the four by far.

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